VP#2 Challenge September 2019 – LYRIC


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Welcome to the second Variety Pack challenge of September!

We all have a favourite song whose lyrics made such an impression on us or we can’t get them out of our heads! For this Lyric Challenge I want to give you the opportunity to create a layout using those lyrics with a picture or pictures or even just text! Several options for you to choose between.

Come back here to this thread, link your layout so we can see them! Don’t forget to reference your chosen song here and in your credits too.

Here’s my layout – I chose Euphoria by Loreen. This was Sweden’s entry for Eurovision in 2012 and it won that year. It’s one of those songs I will never get sick of hearing.

Here’s a link to my chosen song on YouTube if you’d like to see it.

Here's the important PDW Stuff.

1. Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper Designer.
2. Be a new layout created for this challenge.
3. Be only entered in 1 challenge category.
4. Upload your layout to the Variety pack Challenge Gallery

You will receive one Wrapper for completing the challenge and a Bonus Wrapper for using ALL PDW products!

Be sure to keep track of your layouts & include links. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any! I can’t wait to see your layouts.


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What a Wonderful World
Story: This is my dad...who always had a good word to say, a smile for everyone, and wacky sense of rumor.
I can't say any one song had a great impact on my life but this song by Louis Armstrong reminds me most of him.
He never got the lyrics right...on ANY song LOL. So this is the way he would sing it.

P.S. Surprise! It's not a Johnny Mathis song....I mean, it would be cruel to just pick one :)


A Kiwi living in Oz
I'm so sorry I have been MIA but I'm heading over to the gallery to leave some love on your awesome layouts! Thank you all for creating these pages for the challenge this month :)


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Hi Jo - Love a good Lyric challenge! Thankyou - you are a goddess! - PS - I still suck at selfies!