Template Challenge January 2019!


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Whohoo! Welcome to the start of the new year :) So I probably should have done this template for December.... since it looks like an overview kind of template, OR you can use it as a monthly template with 12 photo slots! LOL I put a lot of different years in there so you can use it multiple time, too. Check your hidden layers for them. Here you go!

1. Wrappers -- 1 wrapper for challenge participating and 1 wrapper for using all PDW products on the layout.
2. Between January 1st and January 31st, 2019.
3. Post your layout in the Template Challenge gallery and a link back here so we can see it.
4. This month's prize will be a coupon from Southern Creek Designs! :) (POST YOUR LAYOUT HERE so I can add you to my coupon list)

Or you can download it here.
Go down the thread - I have some more wordart a couple of posts down :)
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Thanks, Lisa, for the fun template! I love that you added the extra years! Yay!! This year, I didn't want to try to figure out the moments that I want to recall in the first months of the year - I'm sure there were some - but I decided to just remember the moment I realized that I was happy.