Sondrateer 2020 Wrapping


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Great- and welcome @sondrateer to PDW’s challenges!!
I edited your total for you, each challenge page is worth 1pt and if you use all PDW designer items it adds an extra 1pt to it! ;)
I have edited your thread name for you, as we do them by year. This thread is for 2020, and you will post each month here separately as well. You just edit the month as you go.
At the beginning of the next month I collect your totals, and the people who have reached the 20 wrapper points will receive their GC by Lisa ;)


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Thank you so much, Becki! I have no idea what I'm doin'!

I'm so happy to be able to participate in the challenges again. I SURE APPRECIATE YOUR KIND HELP!!


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Camera Wrapping Challenge 1+1 (all PDW)
Mood Board
One Little Word
Plain Ol' Digi Love
Quote Challenge
Signature Challenge
Template Challenge
Things That Never Really Happened Challenge
Variety #1 Challenge
Variety #2 Challenge
Wrapping in Color

June Total: 2

Grand Total: 4
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