September Camera Wrapping


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September Camera Wrapping Challenge: Negative Space Photograph.

We all know about negative (or white) space in our layouts using a main focus/object and minimal other objects, with a simple, non-intrusive background.

This is about planning and shooting a photo in the same manner.

The main focus may be centred or offset, with minimal intrusion from background objects.
One way to do this, when staging a photo, is to place the main object close to the camera but a much longer distance from the background. Then focussing the camera on the object will help blur background.
Another might be to change the angle of your photo, eg shoot a flower from ground level up against the sky.
Or place an object against a neutral plain background (think passport photo).

Your challenge: snap/shoot a photo with a main focus and minimal background intrusion.

Scrap a page, an ATC, a greeting card, a pocket or journal slip using this photo.

Post your completed challenge in this thread, and link to the designer of your scrap items.
Remember to post in your thread in the Challenge tracking too.
Score 1 wrapper for your page/card, or 2 wrappers for using Plain Digital Wrapper scrap items.

Some examples of negative/white space in photos.


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I run with Scissors
Tissie, This is so serene. Love pelicans as they float. Thankyou for joining the challenge.