September 2018 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

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I am running behind! It has been a very hectic month for me.

As you know, I am the only caregiver for my Mom. She has some new medical issues that have come up that we are and will continue to deal with in the next month or so. And now her forced air/heat isn't working so we are working to get that fixed as fast as possible. Of course, it had to quit on a holiday weekend! Thankfully, my neighbor does that sort of thing for a living, so I should know something Tuesday.

I personally got slammed with allergies this summer. I have never had allergies before. I guess I have all of the symptoms with the worst being the itchy, watery eyes. Not a lot is working to relieve the allergies. I am trying taking bee pollen every day, any and all over the counter allergy medications and allergy eye drops. I have had several flare-ups that leave my eyes red, swollen and goopy. These last 2 weeks have been awful with my eyes being red and weepy daily. This weekend was the absolute worst as far as the pain, redness, and swelling. My eyeballs even seem to hurt and yes, that is probably due to me scratching my itchy eyes. If you have any ideas, please feel free to leave me your allergy relief remedies!

This is why I am so far behind. So tonight I am posting the colors. I plan to send out the posting gift Tuesday night and have the mini posting gift preview for this month posted by the end of this week. (The day will depend on if I need to bring my Mom to stay at my house for a few days due to warm weather.)

Your challenge, should you accept it:

1. Use at least 4 of the 6 colors that I’ve provided; they do not have to be exact.

2. Create a new, colorful work of art (layout, card, ATC, hybrid project, mini kit to share with us, etc.) for this challenge only.

3. Use the color swatch to mix and match from your stash and/or the PDW store!

4. Post your fabulous creation in the Wrapping in Color Challenge Gallery here by Midnight EST, on Sunday, September 30th.

5. Be sure to come back to this thread and leave us a link to your masterpiece so that we can all leave you some love and so that I can be sure to get the posting gift to you!

Here are the colors for September:


For accepting this challenge, you will receive this posting gift:


The posting gift will be PM’d to you on Monday, October 1st by me!

The posting gift will be sent to you via PM (the PDW forum private message) so be sure to check your private messages in the forum. You can set your private messaging to send you an instant notification email when you receive a PM!

Don’t forget: All challenges are worth 1 PDW Wrapper. Each layout that is completed and posted in the correct challenge thread and the correct gallery will be valued at 1 Wrapper. 1 Bonus Wrapper will be given if 100% PDW designer product is used to complete the challenge. All Wrapper points will need to be tracked in our It's A Wrap Challenge Tracking thread so that your Wrapper points can be checked and verified. For every 20 wrappers accumulated you will receive a $5.00 gift card for the PDW store!
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I truly feel your pain. Having not had trouble with seasonal allergies all my life...until this year...I can certainly identify.
Your symptoms are much worse than mine. I finally went to see my doctor and after examining me and asking questions she suggested some over the counter stuff and a decongestant/antihistamine. I think the best news I got was, "it will go away when the allergy season is over"

I think it's much like getting a cure...just symptom "bandages". Ugh.

Best of wishes for you and your mom. It's really no picnic for either of you. (Been there, done that too) Hang in there and try to find some bits of joy amidst all the hectic stuff.


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Oh no, I totally get what you're describing (and it isn't just seasonal for me). Opcon-A was suggested to me and I thought they worked great! Also, you need LOCAL honey and bee pollen to help you too, because those are the things you are having allergy issues with. Making sure your eyes have moisture helps too, so using a dehumidifier or even an essential oil thing will help too. One other thing is I use saline and Flonase daily, it helps. I have noticed in the past few years that I do have to change my meds each season, because the one that worked last year doesn't work this year- and so on.
I always wished I had a bottle brush to scratch my eyes LOL, it's THAT awful! Good luck! @Kimberly Stewart


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All the best for you and your mom. I have allergies and the best is relax, I have noticed that allergies get worse when I have stress, so I try to do exercise, decrease dairy products, especially milk and trust that everything is gonna be fine, I used to repeat to myself "everything what you are, what you're gonna be, what you have and gonna have is laying in God's hands" and really worked out.

I love the color palette! Here's mine
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I wish I had suggestions for you for your allergies - but I don't other than use saline spray often. My allergies are seasonal - they change every season. ;) It never gets cold enough to actually kill everything that grows, so I truly do get new allergies several times a year. Oak pollen is the worst for me. I don't think my a/c ever goes off. Good luck to you and your mom. Caretaking is hard work - but so rewarding.