Sept challenge one: Will someone tell me where summer went?


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I am totally missing August......I don't have kids so no back to school ramping up for me and my hubby. We are finally working on adoption paperwork.....:fairy:

So for this challenge: Go leave love in the gallery!!!! I would love to see 10 new comments. I will give you two wrapper points for leaving love for others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ninjalove:


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For me - Spring is three days old so summer is still coming......

Took up your challenge and commented on 10+ layouts today. Finishing at 1762,.


Great challenge-something we all need to do more often. I did mine. Posts ending at 1686


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Did mine too :), post count endind at 126.
Thank you for this gentle reminder to leave some love, it's always appreciated.


Finally a (sort of) free day and some time to tackle this challenge. All done...and a great challenge it was.


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Not sure what happened to summer either. Sigh. September???? seriously? Congrats on starting the adoption process!