Seamless Patterns Tutorial



In PSE7 the background turns white when making the pattern. Anyone know how to make it transparent?


Sorry Tess, I'm a PS CS2 girl. I'm sure someone will chime in soon.


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Tess - at what point did it go white? I just went through it and mine stayed transparent. If you can tell me where it happens, maybe we can figure it out.


Head Gallery Ninja it on the same layer AS your pattern? If not, you should be able to just delete the white background layer.

If it is part of the layer with your design, you can do two things:

1. Do undo (CTRL-Z) until your transparent background comes back, then re-follow the tutorial (my pattern stayed not sure what happened).

OR, if you want ALL of the white to be gone (as long as there isn't any white in your pattern)

2. On your tool palette, choose your magic wand.
3. Then click on the white "background" anywhere. You only need to click once.
4. If it isn't selecting all of the white areas, go up to "Select" on your pull down menu, then choose "Similar."
5. Now hit the "delete" key. That should make that area transparent. If it isn't, then continue to 6.
6. On your layer palette, RIGHT click on the layer you are having problems with - the one with the white you need to delete.
7. Choose "layer from background", then click okay. Repeat step 5.


Make sure your initial layer or background is set on transparent when you open it. Or delete your white background if you started with it, but your patterns should all be on a separate layer ...and they should be transparent. Save as a png. Saving as a jpeg will cause the background to turn white too.
Oh my goodness! Thanks for the tut, Lisa! I didn't try it out yet, but it looks awesome and easy! (of course I have to figure out how to use my 9 bajillion brushes! Bwahahaha) Can't wait to try this! xoxo