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Hey my creative peeps...what about a SPECIAL OLYMPICS kit, that can also be used for any sport or kids playing? Like, a usual all-sport kind of kit, but have some special Olympics things in could be used for not the Olympics as well. A wheelchair, etc. Things that kids with disabilities of ALL kinds would need... Also some WA or word strips about being special and disabled, etc.
I would also like to have the BLIND included in this as well!

My granddaughter is autistic (5) and I also have a distant cousin who has down syndrome (5).


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so more elegant styled.

@JenniferJ I swear, I used to add staples in EVERY kit. I stopped adding them because I was thinking I overloaded people with them. SO Artsy. Graphic/ paint splasy, scribbly

So- leaning towards more elegant type?
Yes but kids in there would be nice but then you designers always come up with great kits :)


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Precious Moments would be nice...but then maybe you cant because they are licensed? I collected those and the teddy ones from Enesco.