One Little Word - August 2018

Elizabeth Weaver

Designing Ninjas
This month I want you to think about what you tell your kids about their upcoming school year, or something your mom or dad shared with you that you keep close to your heart. I was lucky; my parents were great role models - but whoever in your life has been that for you, or whatever you want to share on down the line, this is a great chance to put it down in your scrapbook and keep it going! Give us the story or background in your journaling. What advice will you share?

I look forward to seeing your advice and your layouts - please link them in this thread so I don't miss them, and can comment!

You don't have to use the free word art provided. Just make sure advice or advise in some fashion is used as the title word or the journaling focus in your layout!



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This is a variation of a quote by Albert Einstein and it is the best advice for anyone who feels any form of self esteem
like this poor fish.