October Camera Wrapping Challenge


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October Challenge: Selective colour on a photo

Create a page, ATC or facebook banner using a black, white and selective colour photo as main item.
Post your completed challenge in this thread, and link to the designer of your scrap items.
Remember to post in your thread in the Challenge tracking too.
Score 1 wrapper for your page/card, or 2 wrappers for using Plain Digital Wrapper scrap items.

Tutorial - Selective Colour on a photo

1. Choose photo. Duplicate it.(Ctrl-J in photoshop).
2. Make original layer invisible (this is your security layer).
Work on the copy.
3. Use selection tool (running ants) to select the part you wish to keep in colour.
4. Copy this selected part to new layer. (Ctrl-J)
5. On original copy, desaturate to black and white. If wanted, apply a blur filter to make background less distinct.
6. When satisfied, merge coloured selection and b&w layer together (Ctrl_E)

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I run with Scissors
My page with photo using selective colouring. KIt- Ladybug ladybug by Southern Creek Designs.



I run with Scissors
Kapoh: Beautiful. Great job on selective colouring. Thanks for joining in with the challenge.


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I love these beautiful layouts!

I love selective colouring, I think it makes aspects or little details of photos stand out. :) Thankyou so much for this awesome challenge Sandie! :)



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Oh this will be fun! I've struggled with this in the past - but your directions sound easy enough! I'll be back...


I run with Scissors
Phloxy. This is adorable. Love how all the building blocks stand out with colour. Thanks for joining in with the camera wrapping challenge.


I run with Scissors
Ann, I love the green and all the layers in the cluster... and he is riding my favourite of all fairground rides. What lovely selective colouring. Thanks for joining in the challenge.