No Download Link on a Sale


I had sent the following message to 2 weeks ago, but it was over the holidays, so I didn't really expect to hear anything back right away, so I waited awhile but haven't heard anything back. Here's the message from 11/21/18...Thanks!

I used a gift certificate today to purchase a few kits, including Eskimo Kisses by Heather Z. The other two kits I purchased went through as normal, but on my receipt for Eskimo Kisses, there was no download button nor did I get one emailed to me like I did the others. I waited a few hours to see if there was a glitch, but nothing has come through. I've also gone back and looked at my order history and there are no download links there either. The order ID is #67275.


Rockin Ninja Boss
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Oh no Jennifer!!!! I am so sorry that I missed that one!! Give me a second, or two.