May Digi Lovin'


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If you're new to the challenge, here is what you will be 'challenged' to do:
This challenge is not for you to scrap a page, but for you to leave some meaningful comments on pages in the GALLERY- and each month you will receive a pack of word art from me that usually coordinates with the monthly collab, if you leave 15 comments by the end of each month and post your before and after counts.

Here is a preview of what you will receive when you have completed 15 comments in May!

1- When you go to the main gallery page, scroll to the bottom and on the left your name should be at the top of the 'Users browsing the gallery' box.
2- Click on your name, it will take you to your page.
3- Scroll down and on the left side, you will find 'Statistics'.
4- You will see Number of comments there, and that is the number you will share (doing a before and then go back again and do an after when you're done)

I would totally love to see some pages using these WA! So if you create a page, please post it in the Challenge Gallery and mention which month's pack you are using- thanks!! ♥
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