Login Problems for the Gallery


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I have been trying to get into the gallery for several days. I have requested new passwords, reset passwords and still cannot get into the gallery. I am a CT for Dae Designs and will need to be posting layouts soon. Can you help me please?
Sherry (Elk Fan)


Designing Ninjas
Have you tried to refresh your browser? And deleted cookies and/or cleared your cache? I know at other sites this sometimes caused the problem, so it might help here as well. Good luck.
BTW, I guess you were logged in, right?
I was having problems today as well....but I believe I solved it. I think (I could be wrong) that you need a separate login for gallery and forum. That's what solved my issue (creating a new login for gallery) and it let me create the same user id I have for the forum so I assumed I corrected the issue right or it would have told me that name was taken....


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Elk Fan, you should be all set up. Unless it freaked when I walked out of the gallery :) Anyone else having problems? Seriously, kick me to get my attention, and I will fix it!!