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Digital Gator Designs - Claudette
Plain Digital Wrapper Blog
Plain Digital Wrapper Newsletter
Plain Digital Wrapper Facebook Page
Plain Digital Wrapper Twitter

Angel Dolly Designs
Real Life Name: Kimberly
Angel Dolly Blog
Angel Dolly Facebook
Forum Name: kimberlyschlehahn

Artgal Style
Real Life Name: Laramie Ford
Artgal Style Blog
Artgal Style Facebook
Forum Name: artgalstyle

Bubbles Bits
Real Life Name: Vicki
Bubbles Bits Blog
Forum Name: Vicki

Carla's Treasures
Real Life Name: Carla
Carla's Treasures Blog
Carla's Treasures Facebook Page
Carla's Treasures Pinterest
Forum Name: Carla

Charly Renay Designs
Real Life Name: Charly
Charly Renay Designs Blog
Charly Renay Designs Newsletter
Charly Renay Designs Facebook
Charly Renay Designs Twitter
Charly Renay Designs Pinterest
Charly Renay Designs Google +
Forum Name: Charly Renay

Crazsquaw Creations
Real Life Name: Becki
Crazsquaw Creations Blog
Forum Name: crazsquaw

Dae Designs
Real Life Name: Jennifer Daeninck
Dae Designs Blog
Dae Designs Facebook
Dae Designs Pinterest
Forum Name: daedesigns

Day Dreams 'n Designs
Real Life Name: Shelley
Day Dreams 'n Designs Blog
Day Dreams 'n Designs Newsletter Sign-Up
Day Dreams 'n Designs Facebook
Day Dreams 'n Designs Pinterest
Forum Name: Shelleyr

Designs by Romajo
Real Life Name: Marieke
Designs by Romajo Blog
Designs by Romajo Newsletter Sign-up
Designs by Romajo Facebook
Forum Name: Romajo

Digital Gator Designs
Real Name: Claudette Wooddell
Digital Gator Designs Blog
Digital Gator Designs Newsletter
Digital Gator Designs Facebook page
Digital Gator Designs Twitter
Digital Gator Designs Instagram
Digital Gator Designs Pinterest
Digital Gator Desgins Youtube Channel
Digital Gator Designs Google +
Forum Name: mrscwooddell

Digital Ink
Real Life Name: Melissa
Digital Ink Blog
Digital Ink Facebook
Forum Name: Digital Ink

Emma.P Designs
Real Life Name: Emma
Emma.P Designs Blog
Emma.P Designs Facebook
Emma.P Designs Pinterest
Forum Name: emmap

Fran B Designs
Real Life Name: Fran
Fran B Designs Blog
Fran B Designs Newsletter
Fran B Designs Facebook
Fran B Designs Facebook Group
Forum Name: Fran98765

Heather Z Scraps
Real Name: Heather
Heather Z Scraps Blog
Heather Z Scraps Newsletter
Heather Z Scraps Facebook
Heather Z Scraps Facebook Group
Forum Name: heatherzscraps

JMC Designs
Real Life Name: Jodi
JMC Designs Blog
JMC Designs Newsletter
JMC Designs Facebook
JMC Designs Pinterest
Forum Name:

Joyful Expressions
Real Life Name: Jenni
Joyful Expressions Blog
Joyful Expressions Newsletter: on Blog
Joyful Expressions Facebook
Joyful Expressions Pinterest
Forum Name: Jennifer
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Digital Gator Designs - Claudette
Kandi Pixel Designs by Nicole
Real Life Name: Nicole
Kandi Pixel Designs by Nicole Blog
Kandi Pixel Designs by Nicole Facebook
Kandi Pixel Designs by Nicole Pinterest
Forum Name: Nicole

Kimberly Stewart
Real Life Name: Kimberly Stewart or Kimmi Stewart
Kimberly Stewart Blog
Kimberly Stewart Facebook
Kimberly Stewart Twitter
Kimberly Stewart Instagram
Kimberly Stewart Pinterest
Forum Name: Kimberly Stewart

Love It Scrap It
Real Life Name: Kiana
Love It Scrap It Blog
Love It Scrap It Newsletter
Love It Scrap It Facebook
Love It Scrap It Facebook Fan Group
Love It Scrap It Pinterest
Love It Scrap It Youtube
Forum Name: LoveitScrapit

Mags Graphics
Real Life Name: Maggie Buckley
Mags Graphics Blog
Mags Graphics Newsletter
Mags Graphics Facebook
Mags Graphics Facebook Group
Mags Graphics Twitter
Mags Graphics Instagram
Mags Graphics Pinterest
Forum Name: MagsGraphics

Manda Lane Scraps
Real Life Name: Amanda Frazier
Manda Lane Scraps Blog
Manda Lane Scraps Newsletter
Manda Lane Scraps Facebook
Manda Lane Scraps Pinterest
Manda Lane Scraps Twitter
Forum Name: Manda Lane

Marie H Designs
Real Life Name: Marie J Hallis
Marie H Designs Blog
Marie H Designs Newsletter
Marie H Designs Facebook
Marie H Designs Pinterest
Forum Name: marieh

Optic Illusions
Real Life Name: Kate
Optic Illusions Blog
Optic Illusions Facebook
Forum Name: Optic Illusions - Kate

Paste Optional Designs
Real Life Name: Lynn
Paste Optional Designs Blog
Paste Optional Designs Facebook
Forum Name: pasteoptional

Phlox Dragon Designs
Real Life Name: Tracy Jilbert
Phlox Dragon Designs Blog
Phlox Dragon Designs Facebook
Phlox Dragon Designs Instagram
Phlox Dragon Designs Pinterest
Forum Name: Phloxy

Pixie Glitter Designs
Real Life Name: Marne McDonald
Pixie Glitter Designs Blog
Pixie Glitter Designs Facebook
Pixie Glitter Designs Pinterest
Forum Name: Marne McDonald

Scrappin Serenity
Real Life Name: Christie Dawn Bowien
Scrappin Serenity Blog
Scrappin Serenity Newsletter
Scrappin Serenity Facebook
Forum Name: ChristieDawn

Southern Creek Designs
Real Life Name: Lisa
Southern Creek Designs Blog
Southern Creek Designs Newsletter
Southern Creek Designs Facebook
Forum Name: LisaAdmin

Time Out Scraps
Real Life Name: Amanda
Time Out Scraps Blog
Time Out Scraps Newsletter
Time Out Scraps Facebook
Time Out Scraps Instagram
Forum Name: Amanda TOS

Tracy King Designs
Real Life Name: Tracy
Tracy King Designs Blog
Tracy King Designs Newsletter
Tracy King Designs Facebook
Tracy King Designs Pinterest
Forum Name: Tracy King

Triple J Designs
Real Life Name: Jenn
Triple J Designs Blog
Triple J Designs Newsletter
Triple J Designs Facebook
Forum Name: Triple J Designs
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