IMPORTANT Note about Gallery Usage


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Thank you Lisa. I appreciate these beautiful pages too but when the same people are always posting lots of pages to the gallery it gets hard to GSO different ones.
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Thank you, @LisaAdmin for getting on this! I hope it really does limit them to only 5 posts per day, the same way I'm limited at their home galleries!


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I only noticed this thread tonight but OMG I could not agree more! It is very easy to identify the "dumpers" and at times it is very hard to find pages with PDW products to leave love to. And what is annoying is that most (all?) of the stores they post for have galleries with minimum 50% store content or more... @LisaAdmin , maybe you should introduce that?
Or without naming a name, there is a great Forum/Gallery with no store, they only allow members who actively participate in their challenges to post AND for each page that is posted, one must leave two comments. Another idea to discourage the dumpers...
Like someone said, you get 1 point for a challenge even if you use 0% PDW products (extremely generous), so they could at least do a layout for a challenge.