IMPORTANT Note about Gallery Usage


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We've had some individuals lately trying to use the gallery as a photo storage/photo sharing site - this is NOT what the gallery at Plain Digital Wrapper has been set up for.

Please refrain from posting your personal photos or anything that is not Scrapbook related. We love seeing the creative projects you do, but will delete any other photo or graphic that we deem inappropriate.

Please make sure what you do post that's Scrapbook related is of a family friendly theme. You never know who will be seeing your LO, and we need to be as fair as we can be to the membership here.

Please do not sign up under multiple names once your photos have been deleted. We are aware that this is happening and we will ban your IP from the gallery.

Last but not least - and it's always nice to have a reminder - Plain Digital Wrapper is an open gallery. That means you are allowed to post your scrap related projects in our gallery even if they were not created using our products. However you may not link to an outside shop or advertise anything outside of the store in your description. Here's an example of acceptable usage:

Kit Used: Designer kit ABC available at Store XYZ

Unacceptable would be something like this:

Designer kit ABC available at Store XYZ

We thank you for your patience and for those of you who have been following the guidelines - you make our job here a joy :fairy:
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Your guidelines are very generous and it's a shame there are those who choose to abuse the privilige...arrrgh! :fairy:


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Generous and reasonable guidelines. Really love how you give everyone a chance to show their scraps!