IMPORTANT Forum/Gallery Issues


miss chris

Questions and Answers:
Q: Why did the gallery eat my layouts?
A: We merged the forum and the gallery users. Unfortunately the forum beat the gallery up and hid the users, therefore requiring you to sign in again and wonder what happened to your layouts.

Q: So all my layouts are GONE!!!!
A: No, in an attempt to fix this little problem, we went behind the scenes to grab them. One of our usernames acted as a magnet and took all of them, however.

Q: Was there a bug or a virus involved?
A: Only if you think that my stupidity qualifies (and it doesn on occassion)

Q: So now what has happened?
A: After much thought and deliberation, we went back to right before the merge was made.

Q: And?
A: Upside, your layouts are there :) and our magnet user whose gallery exploded is back to normal as well. Downside, anyone who signed up for the April Fools contest, please uplaod your layouts again....pretty please :)

Q: and if we were just brand new?
A: If you were just brand new to our site, please realize that I am human with the propensity to make a lot of errors :) Could you pretty please, sign up again?

Q: and are you touching the gallery again?
A: Only to comment :)

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Some up my most recent LO's still aren't visible...should I upload them again?


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can we have a grace period to upload more than 5?? pretty please, but if you have to move alot of buttons, I will do it manually, stay away from the gallery buttons..
ha ha ha


Well I couldn't log into the gallery. So I asked for my password to be reset and it never sent me the new password. LOL