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Hello everyone! I'm a newbie to the group, although in the fb group (plain digital scrappers) I'm very active. I've been digital scrapping from 2012 more or less, and since then scrap has become my passion. My hobbies: go to Opera, Ballet, concerts, art exhibitions, museums, read and crochet. I love go to sport competitions, especially hockey and figure skating. I'm enjoying the challenges and seeing all the gorgeous layouts shared in the gallery.


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Hi Grace & welcome! I've been out of scrapping for awhile and just got back into it. It's good for my soul.


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Hi Grace! Welcome to the forum portion :) We are kind of crazy - ier? here. I mean FUN- We are FUN. LOL
Shhh… Lisa! You'll scare her away! ;)

Welcome and have fun. I can't wait to see what you create. And yes, we are not crazy at all (well, some of us are crazier than others), mostly we are fun and kind and caring and scrapping.