Hello from the Netherlands


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I`ve been a member for awhile now, but my introduction seem to have disappeared. Maybe because of the server problems earlier this year.
My name is Neeltje and I`m a scrapper for about 10 years now. I use PSE9, an oldie, but works still well for me. I have a son in heaven and my daughter lives with her family in the USA, she has 3 boys.
I live with my furbaby Sky in the Hague, in the Netherlands
I love my CT-ing for DitzBitz (she is a friend since I started scrapping) and Marieke from Designs by Romajo
A lot of the inspiration I get from participating in challenges


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Hi Neeltje! So happy to have you here! Love your pages and working with you on Marieke's CT! :)


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We just secretly wanted you to introduce yourself again ;) (no we didn't kick your intro off, but I am glad you introduced yourself again!)


Rockin Ninja Boss
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AND YES< I touched the forum again- so if things are messed up with pictures... IT WAS ME