Guest Designer: Elizabeth's Market Cross!

Elizabeth Weaver

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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be a guest designer at plain digital wrapper for the months of November and December! I've been digi-designing since 2005 and my style ranges from realistic hand drawn elements to altered floral art backgrounds and swirly overlays, which I hope you fall in love with like I did!

I live in San Antonio, Texas, but I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and lived in metro Atlanta, Georgia for many years. My favorite US city is St. Augustine, Florida, but my favorite city anywhere is London, England - I could spend 12 lifetimes in that brilliant place and not see and learn everything there is to do there!

I will be temporarily taking over Lisa's 'One Little Word' challenge, and I'll also run a Variety challenge of my own, based on vintage advertising inspirations. Sure hope to see you there!!!

Here is a freebie set of overlays and a bonus background for you; download them here:

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Oh, I'm so excited! I love your overlays, stamps, masks, templates, kits. . . ok, all your stuff!

Thanks for the goodies!


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Hi Raphne! Happy to see you here and Yes I agree...Elizabeth has some cool, neat kit stuff!

Sami B

Welcome to pdw. Your kits are beautiful. Thank you for the freebies. I will have to download when I get back to my computer.


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Thank you for the freebies! I could have sworn I had welcomed you already but it must have been on Facebook page! But anyhow so happy to have you here on PDW!! Welcome! :)