Guess it is about time I intoduce myself

Discussion in 'Introductions, please' started by Windswept, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Windswept

    Windswept I run with Scissors

    I first found PDW when BooLand Designs was selling here in the shoppe. I started doing some of the challenges. I really liked doing them and luckily a couple of my designers came here to PDW which I was so happy about. I so enjoy all of the great people here at PDW. Lisa is such a great person that runs PDW she is always willing to answer questions and also is a wonderful designer.
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  2. LoveitScrapit

    LoveitScrapit Designing Ninjas Staff Member

    Welcome. I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself!!! ♥
  3. Tbear

    Tbear Well-Known Member

    Belated welcome!
    Your layouts are neat to see!
  4. lebjs

    lebjs A Kiwi living in Oz

    I agree with Tbear - you create lovely layouts! It's nice to "meet" you!!
  5. Sami B

    Sami B Member

    Welcome to PDW it's nice to meet you
  6. Romajo

    Romajo Designing Ninjas

    Hi Linda, welcome to PDW. Glad to see you here as well! :)
  7. mscrafts8

    mscrafts8 PDWrappers

    Welcome Linda! :)
  8. Tammys_Scrapping

    Tammys_Scrapping I run with Scissors

    Welcome to PDW, Linda!
  9. JenniferJ

    JenniferJ The Nut of my Kingdom

    A much belated but whole hearted welcome to you! So happy you have joined us and sharing your lovely creations!

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