Good Morning! 05-13-2020


Rockin Ninja Boss
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I don't know about the rest of you, but we have had abnormally cold temperatures so far. 50 degrees was the high yesterday. I'm not complaining :) My winter body isn't out of control yet... but with the quarantine and everyone at home, it make snacking 100 times easier to do


I run with Scissors
We are 2 weeks off the start of winter and are still in thin t-shirts and pants, summer pjs and bedding. I washed all my winter clothes several weeks ago, and since then we have had only one day where I needed an extra layer in the evening... the reverse of your weather.


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We had snow showers three days last week. This week we had two days with people walking around in shorts and short sleeved shirts. Difficult to tell which way the wind is listening to campaign promises.


Designing Ninjas
Just got the hairstylist at home yesterday. Glad it's done now (it was done the last time on November 26, 2019...).


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I haven't had my hair cut since mid December...this is the longest it's been in over thirty years.
Seriously considering having my hubby have a whack at how's that for screaming: DESPERATE!!!