Good Morning! 05-11-2020


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Good Morning :) Hope you all had a great Mother's Day Weekend. I was able to take a nap (after the DH locked the door so the kids couldn't come in :))
Today we are doing a trial run of "in person" piano class. The kids will be required to wear masks. The teacher will wear a mask. They will clean the keyboard before, and after playing. ---- My kids were actually really excited about going back. Apparently piano lessons on Zoom are not the same....


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I'm thinking that one of the small silver linings of this pandemic is that students got a much needed break to go back to lessons with a fresh outlook and attitude.


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In the Netherlands primary schools opened their doors for half of their students. Not sure how that went...
Secondary school might open in june again, but since my daughter is in het final year and she already has done all here tests (no exams this year), she has her summer break already until the end of august...


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Australia is on level one of our plan. We only have 50 people country wide in hospital now, so we are beginning to ease up. We are so fortunate that our country's leaders closed the international and interstate borders early and banned non-essential travel and work. Fines for breaching the rules were quite a deterrent. (Some football players who broke the rules received fines of 30 000 dollars by the League Management, as they put the early playing return of the code in jeopardy).
From SAturday:
One family group household may visit another family group household. Or two persons not related may visit. Outdoor gatherings up to 10 persons socially distancing. Restaurants and cafes (no hotel bars) may reopen for 10 persons at one time to dine in. (I'm guessing that not many will reopen for eat-in, but continue with take-out and delivery meals. We may travel 150km from home but not cross state borders.( My nearest town is 30km away, and the next three in different directions are 102km, 130km and 180km). Household members in a vehicle, or two non household persons. We may shop for non-essential items. Parks and beaches open with restrictions. Picnics Ok with household members. Some businesses are reopening, but many are still restricted. School is in for 2 youngest grades and year 11 and 12 (final years before university), and kindys and preschools are reopening slowly. Universities are in flux as so many of our unis are filled with Asian students who cannot enter the country ( country borders are locked to all but Australian citizens.)
Possibly won't make much difference to us, as we don't travel out much, but might be better for the youngsters who are missing extended family.


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Sandie, I had no idea that Australia was so strict on their quarantine. I am glad that there are only 50 in the country, though!! Hopefully as you open up, slowly, there aren't a surge of people getting sick.