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Hey all of you amazing challenge players and page creators...just a heads up! :)

At the beginning of each month (usually, sometimes life gets in the way) I update the Tracking thread and each of your threads with your running totals and if you have earned a GC, I add your name to the list I send to our fearless ninja-boss Lisa! Sometimes those get lost in space, also known as the world wide web. :( It happens, but it is totally fixable! :)

IF YOU HAVE EARNED A GC BUT HAVE NOT RECIEVED IT BY THE END OF THE WEEK AFTER I HAVE UPDATED TOTALS- PLEASE LET ME AND/OR LISA (lisaadmin) KNOW via PM ASAP! That way she can send it to you another way, or figure out the issue. ♥

We love seeing all of those pages in the gallery and forum, and appreciate you hanging out with us here at PDW!

PS: A lot of the time you will receive your GC before Sunday Specials roll around, yay you! :)
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