G'day from Australia


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Hi everyone :)

I'm so excited to be opening up my store here at PDW. Now that my store is finally live, I can finally post to say hello and introduce myself to you all.

I'm Carolyn, 46 (nearly 47) from Australia. I'm a full time carer for my elderly mother, who broke her neck (in 3 places - commonly called the hangmans break) and her back (amongst many other injuries) in a car accident. Thankfully, her spinal chord wasn't damaged, so after months of intensive physio, she recovered enough to finally come home. I took a break from designing while she was recovering, and have been back at it for about a year now. She is still unsteady on her feet, but doing remarkably well considering what she has been through.

I'm also a mother to a 23yr old man who I am so very proud to call my son. He lives in QLD (where I was living when mum had her accident) and decided to stay there when I moved down here to care for mum. I really don't blame him, the weather up there is pure heaven. We're going up there next month so that I can spend my birthday with him, and I'm counting down the days until then!

I also have a furbaby named Brandi. She is a a Great Dane x Bull Mastiff and the biggest lap dog you will ever see lol. No matter how many times I tell her no, she still thinks she's a lapdog and wants to climb up.

Sorry for the novel, but nothing about my life is short or concise lol. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here and working with the fabulous designers.


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Welcome to PDW Carolyn!
So sorry to hear about your mom, glad to know it's getting better.
Enjoy your time with your son when you go and visit him.


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Welcome Carolyn. Good to hear that your mother is on the mend from her injuries. Weather in Queensland is definitely heavenly. I am in coastal Central Queensland, so am enjoying the temperate weather at present. Today was a sunny clear day ( three loads of bedding and towels air dried on the outdoor hoist) , but yesterday was overcast and coolish (Max 19) with rain.
I'm sure you will enjoy your stay in Qld.


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Hi Carolyn! Welcome to our digital corner of the web! Although I am a Kiwi by birth, I currently live in Queensland and am loving it.


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Welcome Carolyn from another Aussie who used to live in Queensland and now live in northern New South Wales.