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  1. LisaAdmin

    LisaAdmin Rockin Ninja Boss Staff Member

    I am not sure what happened yesterday... but the kids were on my case every 10 minutes ...popping up "mom, mom, mom, mom" I finally sent them outside to pick up leaves. One at a time..... They told me they put them somewhere... I now have to find them. Since there were like 5,000 leaves that needed to be bagged... I am concerned. I can't find them anywhere. The kids promised me they aren't in a neighbors yard. I am now very concerned. Today, I will be searching the neighborhood. I am afraid to look at the the neighborhood facebook page- Since most of the kids drive, I am secretly hoping they just took them to the recycling center, and they are giving me a hard time. KIDS are not for the faint of heart.
    Happy Friday! We all need a well deserved weekend LOL.
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  2. Tbear

    Tbear Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are raising healthy, happy kids. Hope they don't lose that playful side when they are well into adulthood.
    ...oh...and hope you find your leaves :D
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  3. LoveitScrapit

    LoveitScrapit Designing Ninjas Staff Member

    ROFLMAOOO sounds like you're raising them right. Even if they don't tell you where the leaves went. I wouldn't worry too much.
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  4. G.J.

    G.J. Active Member

    Lol.. hope you'll find the leaves soon. I would search under the furniture, when child I used to hide stones underneath the sofa and into the desk's drawer.
    Happy weekend to everyone!
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  5. mrscwooddell

    mrscwooddell Digital Gator Designs - Claudette

    LOL! Too cute! Mine would still be standing near me whining because I asked them to do something...ugh.
    Some days they are so helpful and some days they drive me nuts! lol Kids are not for the faint of heart.
    I am very glad it's friday though. It has been a LONG week for me and very busy. I am looking forward to resting at home this weekend. :)
    Hugs all for a GREAT day and weekend!
  6. demma_b13

    demma_b13 Designing Ninjas

    As long as the leaves are out of sight, don't worry, just have a cup of tea and enjoy the time.
  7. fl_connie

    fl_connie I run with Scissors

    There are times when I am happy to be living on a red dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Picking up leaves? That's definitely one of the times 'cause, nope. Besides, I don't have kids to send to do that, lol! I'm with Demma - As long as the leaves are out of sight, don't worry, just have a cup of tea and enjoy the time. Happy Weekend, everyone!
  8. stater

    stater Well-Known Member

    Ha... that's why kids will gray ya faster than anything else. LOL
  9. Betsyfru

    Betsyfru I run with Scissors

    I just wait till the wind blows them all inti my neighbor's yard! LOL! No kids to rake or bag them up!
  10. Tracy King

    Tracy King Designing Ninjas

    Goodnight :) I am pleased and a little apprehensive to be back online. The leaves sound funny to me ... Lisa I hope you tell us the rest of the story. I have been gone for a while PDW people and I apologize. All I can say is Lisa and Lynn are so patient with me and always have my virtual back. Thanks Ladies. In a world that sometimes has bad surprises for us, you are both the best. Give your kids hugs from Canada please Lisa :)
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  11. Romajo

    Romajo Designing Ninjas

    Lisa and Claurdette, you both have strong hearts! Just like all moms out there!
    I really want to know if you found the leaves today, or if you did go with the cup of tea adviceā€¦
    Glad to see you back Tracy! {{{hugs}}}

    Last night I had a company party and since I work for one of the biggest (if not the biggest) employement agency organisations in Holland (or well, I work for one of their brands) it was quite the party. We had some finger food to start the evening (like mini pizzas, sausage on a bun and nachos with guac) and a pre-show with a well-known TV-host. Of course the CEO had some inspirational talk about the business. We also had a mentalist doing some tricks (your mind really get f*cked with these things). After that the party started: 2 dj-sets and some Dutch artists performing on stage. At 11 pm I was tired (I started the morning at 6.10am and worked 9 hours as well), but I had danced a lot (according to my Samsung Health tracker it was at least 1 km, lol). Anyway, it was a lot of fun, more than I expected it to be. If you want to see some of the photos or clips I made, check my personal facebook or Instagram.

    Not sure if I told, but last November I have been involved in a car accident where we ended in a meadow down the dyke. Anyway, last Thursday I was driving to my work when i heard a strange noice. So when there was a safe spot where I could stop, I discovered a flat tyre. :( Probably something from that accident we had, since it was at the same side of the car. Luckily it could be replaced with the tyre I had in my car, so I could continue my way.
    Well, it has been right my week, because on Monday my co-worker told me she is going to quite the job. Well, 2019 has started right...
  12. geoleoan

    geoleoan I run with Scissors

    lol Did you check in the garaze? Today I asked them more than 20 times to pick up some blocks from the floor...
  13. LisaAdmin

    LisaAdmin Rockin Ninja Boss Staff Member

    I FOUND THE LEAVES. Do you want a picture of where they are? They took them to the front entry of our subdivision where there is a block fence and piled them behind the block fence. There is a landscaping company that comes out once a week to do the neighborhood landscaping and the kids told me that they figured the company would assume a storm "gathered" them together and put them there 0_O and the company would take them to the appropriate recycling place. I am not sure how they got them there without being noticed, especially since it was a BIG pile of leaves. I will see if I can get a picture. LOL I will say- It was ingenious, and I didn't see it.
  14. LisaAdmin

    LisaAdmin Rockin Ninja Boss Staff Member

    TRACY! YAY!!!!
  15. neeltje

    neeltje Late Bloomer

    You have some smart kids Lisa
  16. Jazz2000

    Jazz2000 Active Member

    LOL! Your kids sound awesome!

    Ro - Wow! Danced a whole km! I can just picture some one dancing down the road while I'm driving. :)

    I'm driving my daughter back to college today. at least 8 hrs if not more. depends if I have to pull over for a quick nap if I start to nod off.

    Tracy - I've been gone for awhile as well. My daughter had some issues that took my whole attention and energy. I did not have any energy or creative juice in me to scrap for many months.
  17. mrscwooddell

    mrscwooddell Digital Gator Designs - Claudette

    YAY! Tracy!

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