February Camera Wrapping


I run with Scissors
February Camera Wrapping: Hearts

This month you have choices of presentation form and subject matter.

Presentation: Create either a layout or a card.

Subject: Choose either 1. or 2. below

1. choose a favourite photo, cut it or mask it into a heart shape and create your layout, or card.


Created using My Rustic Man by Phlox Dragon Designs

2. create a heart photo using objects around your home and use it as part of your layout/ card.


Created using Destination by ScrapDZines. My heart was made with beads and a flower from my dressing table.

Post your completed challenge in this thread, and link to the designer of your scrap items.
Remember to post in your thread in the Challenge tracking too.
Score 1 wrapper for your page/card, or 2 wrappers for using Plain Digital Wrapper scrap items.

Have fun, Sandie


I run with Scissors
One way to cut a heart shape from a photo using Photoshop:
1. Open new layout. Add your photo.
2. Move down the side toolbar to find shapes (may be rectangle tool near bottom)
3, Right click then choose Custom Shape Tool.
4. Look at top toolbar. Make sure SHAPE is in first box.
5. Then move to the end of this toolbar for SHAPE with little down arrow- this will display your shapes to choose from.
6. Choose and draw your heart onto a new layer.
7. Move it around until it covers the part of the photo you want inside the heart.
8. Now, move the photo layer so it is above your shape layer.
9. Use Ctrl_Alt_G (or right click/ create clipping mask) to pin the photo to the shape.
10, Use Ctrl_E to merge the layers together.


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These pictures were taken in Boston at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Jan. 5-6, 2014


I run with Scissors
Kapoh, Such gentle colours. Love the floral cluster placement and your lovely heart frame. Great journalling. Inspired me to research this pair and I'm sure I'll watch out for them over the next few years.


I run with Scissors
I miss not having snow. Haven, t lived in a snowy country for 50 years. Love your so lovely snow pictures and your heart frame. Hope it warms up soon for you.