Fall Calls from Love it Scrap it


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Changing Colors. Cooler Weather. Fall Calls
It's not Friday. But it's time for something new! It is time for Happy Hour at Plain Digital Wrapper. Where you can mix and match to your heart's content and everything is only $1.

I totally fell in love with this month's colors. I knew instantly that a fall kit was in order. Afterall, my kids are back in school, the weather is cooling down and fall is one of my favorite seasons.

With changing colors and cooler weather comes the beauty of the Earth in the Western Hemisphere. Those beautiful colors inspire me every year both in my creative life and my personal life. The season is just perfect!!! Fall Calls is my inspiration of what the season represents to me. The Paper pack is beautiful and the Element pack is full of things that will speak to the autumn lover in you. And I was even inspired to create a cute Extras pack with beautiful fall clusters and flairs.




Pick up- Fall Calls during Happy $1 Hour
Pick up- Fall Calls during Happy $1 Hour