Bat Time Stories - Designs by Romajo


Designing Ninjas
Bat time stories are told after midnight. Spooky hour is here, so get ready for those scary tales to be told. While the moon and stars are appearing, the bats fly around in search of food. But be be aware, don't let the bat bite you or you'll end up like.... well who knows how the story ends?
Are you ready for some scary stories? Read them in a chair or in your bed, but don't let it scare you too much or you won't sleep.
Bat Time Stories contains 16 papers (including 8 solids), 40 elements (including bats, a bed, a chair, a moon, a star, a journalingcard, a clock and basics like flowers, frames, foliage, a banner, ribbons, paint, a charm, shapes and wordart) and 1 full alpha (including upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and common punctuation).
Just to let you know: thare was a typo in one of the wordarts (you might notice on the preview). It has been updated in the kit before anyone bought it. :)

And I have 2 freebies to go with this kit.
This one is available for those who receive my newsletters (but only during November 2018). You can sign up here if you aren't already.
And this free wordart is available on my blog.


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I wonder if I can find my cave photos...there were some bats in there. Creepy...yet very interesting.


Designing Ninjas
Maybe I'm strange, but I think bats are cute and not scary at all. They only shouldn't fly above my head when I don't expect them… (but neither mus a bird nor a butterfly).