BASIC - linking layouts in the forum


Head Gallery Ninja
I had a friend ask me to help her learn how to do this, and I thought I would share my little "tutorial" here for anyone else who may need it! There are other ways to do this, but this is the easiest way for me.

1. Open two tabs in your browser. One with your layout in the gallery and one with the forum thread you need to post in.

2. On your gallery tab, copy the link address by highlighting the entire link in the address bar up on top of your window and then using CTRL-C.

3. Go to the forum tab. Start typing your comment. When you get to where you want to put your link, simply do CTRL-V to paste the link in.

4. If you want to put the picture in the post, then return to the tab with the gallery post. RIGHT click on the picture then select "Copy Link Location."

5. Return to the forum post, then look at the little buttons above where you type. Click on the one that looks like a postcard with a mountain on it - that is the image button.

6. When the pop-up box comes up, use CTRL - V to paste in the image link...hit okay.

7. If you want to hyperlink your image, make sure your comment area where you are typing is in WYSIWYG. Meaning "What you see is what you get." To do that, click on the button on the top right hand corner of the "Post Comment" box. It looks like a small capital A and then a large capital Italicized and Underlined A.

8. With WYSIWYG turned on, click on your image. You should see the little Graphic Bounding boxes around the edges.

9. Up on your comment area button bar, click on the button that looks like the globe with a chain link on it. Paste the GALLERY link address (the first link you copied in the above steps) into the pop-up box and click okay.

Now simply hit submit and you are done!


There is also a place in the gallery underneath your LO that says "linked thumbnail" if you copy that and paste it into your message you get a little photo of your LO that is linked to the same LO in the gallery.