April 2018 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

Kimberly Stewart

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Eric is recuperating and doing well after his surgery on March 29th. He goes to have the stitches taken out on the 11th and will then move on to the task of a prosthesis; making/fitting and physical therapy to learn how to walk with it correctly and from what it sounds like, he will have multiple adjustments over the next year. He does have “ghost pains” and other “ghost feelings” and said that it is going to take some getting used to. Most of the staff at the hospital were all joking with Eric as he tends to start that kind of thing with pretty much anyone he meets. The best comment/joke was purely accidental but it was the funniest. When they were checking him in for the surgery (at 5:30 am!) the lady was going over his information/insurance etc and then said what the procedure was going to be but it sounded to us like she said “Bologna”. We looked at each other, then looked at her and Eric asked if she said “Bologna”. Now for a split second, the look on that poor woman’s face was pure fear and shock all at the same time, I took the look as if she was worried that she had offended us or something. Then she very slowly and in a softer tone of voice said: “below the knee?” Eric and I busted out roaring with laughter. I told her that that was the funniest thing that I had heard yet about this whole situation. I then proclaimed that from now on I shall refer to him or just plain call him “Bologna!” Then we all were laughing again! There were many other jokes from the medical team such as “coming up a foot short” or “his BMI is a little lower now.”

Now I just wish that bologna was spelled the way it sounds! LOL

Now for April’s Wrapping in Color Challenge!

Your challenge, should you accept it:

1. Use at least 4 of the 7 colors that I’ve provided; they do not have to be exact.

2. Create a new, colorful work of art (layout, card, ATC, hybrid project, mini kit to share with us, etc.) for this challenge only.

3. Use the color swatch to mix and match from your stash and/or the PDW store!

4. Post your fabulous creation in the Wrapping in Color Challenge Gallery here by Midnight EST, on Monday, April 30th.

5. Be sure to come back to this thread and leave us a link to your masterpiece so that we can all leave you some love and so that I can be sure to get the posting gift to you!

Here are the colors for April:


For accepting this challenge, you will receive this posting gift:


The posting gift will be PM’d to you on Tuesday, May 1st by me!

The posting gift will be sent to you via PM (the PDW forum private message) so be sure to check your private messages in the forum. You can set your private messaging to send you an instant notification email when you receive a PM!

Don’t forget: All challenges are worth 1 PDW Wrapper. Each layout that is completed and posted in the correct challenge thread and the correct gallery will be valued at 1 Wrapper. 1 Bonus Wrapper will be given if 100% PDW designer product is used to complete the challenge. All Wrapper points will need to be tracked in our It's A Wrap Challenge Tracking thread so that your Wrapper points can be checked and verified. For every 20 wrappers accumulated you will receive a $5.00 gift card for the PDW store!

As requested, I am sharing some kits from my store that I thought would work with the color challenge colors. Just in case you chose to use any of the kits that I post here below, I have placed them 50% off for the month of April!

(click on the kit name to be taken to it in the store)

Whimsical Bunnies - the Kit
Ted E. Rabbits - the Kit

Bluebirds - the Kit
Bunnies & Eggs - the Kit
Country Cows Mini 6

Spring Flower Bears - the Mini 1
Spring Flower Bears - the Mini 2

Spring Flower Bears - the Mini 3
Spring Flower Bears - the Mini 4
Spring Flower Bears - the Mini 5
Spring Flower Bears Minis - the Bundle

Happy Spring - the Kit

Turtles - the Kit
Kissed by Spring – the Kit
Flower Pandas - the Kit

Honey Bumbles - the Kit


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OMG that bologna [(ba-low-nee) for those not familiar with the way we say it] is hilarious!
Eric sounds like an all around terrific guy. We wish him and you all the best through his recovery and adjustment.
I'm sure it won't be easy but sounds like the two of you have all the love and all the right tools to get through it.


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That is a pretty funny story...I never understood if we are actually saying it wrong or why is it spelled weird (it's not like we don't have a million weird spellings that make us go 'huh?' already LOL)

Love the colors and the mini!

Kimberly Stewart

Designing Ninjas
Such a funny story! Hope he continues to do well with the rehab and the prosthesis! Humor helps! And what a great Mini Kit! Can't wait!
Humor really has helped all the way around. Especially with others. People don't know what to say, even the hospital staff. They seemed to be tiptoeing around the issue. One nurse said that they don't do a lot of amputations.


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Your hubby sounds like my kind of guy. I grew up in a family where we find the humor in any and all situations, and he would fit right in! :D
I'm glad to hear he (and you) are doing well.