After Hours: Ol' Oak Tree - Designs by Romajo


Designing Ninjas
The old oak tree is a wise tree. With it's roots firm in the groud it can stand many storms.
A nice symbol if you want to ask your loved one about his/her love for you.
Has it stand the storms, especially when being apart for a long time.
Ol' Oak Tree was made with the song 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree' in mind.
Besides yellow ribbons as a sign of the steady love, it is also perfect to scrap about your autumn memories.
This is the full, repackaged kit for Ol' Oak Tree and contains the alpha pack (3 full alphas), the basic elements (35 elements), the elements (45 elements), the papers (16 patterned papers) and the solid & vintage papers (16 papers).
Each single pack was part of October's Happy Hour.