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  1. geoleoan

    LOTW : July 22-29

    And the last winner for July is Dady! Love her work! congrats!
  2. geoleoan

    LOTW : July 16-22

    And the winner of this week is this sweet white space page by Cla! Congratulations!
  3. geoleoan

    LOTW : July 8-15

    And the winner of this week is an amazing artwork by Sweet !
  4. geoleoan

    LOTW : July 1 - 8

    I Can`t wait to pick a winner!
  5. geoleoan

    March 1- 15 VP Challenge 1 - 3 of a kind

    It`s March allready and our new challenge is 3 of a kind. All you have to do is make a page with the twist that every element will be used 3 times, 3 flowers,3 ribbons, 3 papers, 3 frames etch... Here is an example And the necessaries: 1. Use at least one item from a Plain Digital...
  6. geoleoan

    Variety Pack Challenge 1 May 1-15 -three of a kind

    Welcome to Variety Pack Challenge 1 for May. I`m so sorry for the delay... So we have an easy challenge use three of a kind, for example 3 photos, three flowers, 3 papers etch Here's the fine print details... 1. Use at least one item from a Plain Digital Wrapper Designer 2. Be a new layout...
  7. geoleoan

    Variety Pack Challenge 2 March 15-31 ispiration

    Inspiration challenge, and all you have to do is get inspired from one of my fav paintings Paul klee – Sinbad The Sailor It can be a page about your dreams, fears, trips you would like to make, fishing.... or just be inspired from the colors, template, doodling...
  8. geoleoan

    October 1-15 Variety Pack Challenge

    Hello, welcome to Variety Pack Challenge for October. We have an Inspiration Challenge for you... so GET INSPIRED from this painting of V.Kandinsky It can be from the color pallete, shapes or composition.... And our rule: You have to use for the 70% of your page products...
  9. geoleoan

    Gree-ce-tings from Anastasia

    hello, I am so happy for becoming a member in this community! :multistars: I am a mother of three boys, and thanks to them,i discovered the creativeness of scrapbooking, few years ago.. I love challenges, learn and try new things.I ve never before been a ct member, so please be patient with me...