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  1. Tbear

    Good Morning!

    Really cool new-ish forum and and day that things are working is a GREAT day!
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    Game - Quick Wits

  3. Tbear

    Game - Last letter, first letter

  4. Tbear

    Good Morning :)

    Really cool new-ish forum! And any day when things are working is a GREAT day :)
  5. Tbear

    VP#2 June 2019

    My Summer Time to do list
  6. Tbear

    June 21

    Desperate Housewives would have Minna shot. Just saying...
  7. Tbear

    Friday :)

    I want the jacuzzi, the cute flamingo and a new rubber duckie. :)
  8. Tbear


    Thank you for your comments and concerns. Actually I was making light humor of the situation. I was not offended by the clock thing...I'm sure some well meaning medical executive mandated it. As for the youth...A few years ago I made this layout for those times when I felt disrespected by the...
  9. Tbear

    June 2019 Siggy Challenge

    Last night I kept thinking of you and wondering how you're doing and here you are! Funny, how often that happens. I'll have to think of you more often...
  10. Tbear


    So yesterday I went to the doc's for my semi annual physical. It was the first time I was given the "old people's test ...I had to draw a clock and show where the hands would be at ten minutes past eleven. For the life of me I wanted to draw a LED display: 11:10. But I didn't know how to make...
  11. Tbear

    Wednesday 6-19-19

    Rained all weekend...raining RIGHT NOW and suppose to continue through tomorrow. Sigh... At least the ants and garden slugs have not invaded yet. Last I heard they were taking swim lessons down at the local Y.
  12. Tbear

    Game - Quick Wits

  13. Tbear

    Game - Last letter, first letter

  14. Tbear

    Tuesday 06-18-19

    Me too. Good thing the pantry and fridge are at the other end of the house, huh? :)
  15. Tbear

    Game - Gimme the ABC's

    K - Khoshekh (DGD big kitty with an attitude) Kenai (DD's beloved, husky dog) Knox (other DD's big, loopy, goofy dog) How's that for showing off? :D
  16. Tbear

    Wedne..... Thursday 6-13-19

    LOL!!!! I never thought of that.
  17. Tbear

    June 2019 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Photo of DGDs
  18. Tbear

    Lazy Day by Southern Creek Designs

    Thank you!
  19. Tbear

    Game - Last letter, first letter