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  1. teenybop61

    teenybop 2020 CHALLENGE TRACKING

    January 2020 Siggy Challenge Wrapping in Color Challenge Camera Wrapping Challenge Mood Board Challenge One Little Word Quote Challenge kit will be available Feb 7th so not sure if this is 1 point or 2 Things...
  2. teenybop61

    Please pray for my husband

    Hi all, please lift up my husband Paul in prayer. He has been in the hospital since last Tuesday and is having a pacemaker put in on Monday. He is a little scared of it all. They also mentioned that it looks like he has muscular dystrophy that affects his legs and that is why sometimes his legs...
  3. teenybop61

    Teenybops 2019 CHALLENGE TRACKING

    I haven't posted here before so I hope I do it right. This is for June 2019 siggy tag - 1+1 bonus point ;) I edited it for you...Becki