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  1. demma_b13

    Template Challenge- February 2020

    Love Posted here:
  2. demma_b13

    Favorite February 2020 Product Layouts

    Thank you, Snojewel. I wouldn't have this GSO if it werent' for the awesome creativity of Kimberly Stewart.
  3. demma_b13

    February 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Beach Baby 2018
  4. demma_b13

    February 2020 Siggy Challenge

    Woo hoo. After clearing cookies and cached images and logging back in to PDW, I was able to get the siggy to change from last month's to this month's.
  5. demma_b13

    February 2020 Siggy Challenge

    I have tried and tried tonight to get the siggy to change. I have followed the directions over the last months and it has worked but every time I add the new siggy and click save, the old one keeps appearing in the box. Here is my new one:
  6. demma_b13

    Good Morning! 1-30-2020

    My brother gave me a message for an answering machine years ago that I remember to this day. "Hello. You got Ruby. I don't do floors, I don't do windows, and I sure don't talk to no fools on the phone. So if you think you is so all fired important, jus' leave your name and number and I might get...
  7. demma_b13

    Favorite January 2020 Layouts

    Thank you for the GSO! My new grandbaby is a keeper.
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    January 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Note to Self Posted here:
  9. demma_b13

    January 2020 Siggy Challenge

    Here's to winter....
  10. demma_b13

    Good Morning 12-24-19

    Good morning. Presents are wrapped and ready. My family will be attending the Christmas Eve service later today. Then family coming. I hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas.
  11. demma_b13

    Template Challenge-December 2019

    Tis The Season To Snuggle Posted here:
  12. demma_b13

    December 2019 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Spread Cheer Posted here:
  13. demma_b13

    Good Morning 12-10-19

    I am backing up my laptop so I can load up my new laptop. This one needs repair so I am getting it fixed and giving it to youngest to use. It is slow going. I'm also working on packs for the store. It's one of those "sit by the fire" days for me.
  14. demma_b13

    Good Morning 12-6-19

    That is totally true. It takes skill and fortitude to accomplish it.
  15. demma_b13

    Good Morning 12-4-19

  16. demma_b13

    December 2019 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Love that posting gift.
  17. demma_b13

    December 2019 Siggy Challenge

    Our family celebrates the birth of Christ, but Santa is also a part of our Christmas so I chose to show both the baby Jesus and Santa in my December siggy.
  18. demma_b13

    Template Challenge- November 2019

    Blessed Posted here:
  19. demma_b13

    November 2019 Siggy Challenge

    Happy Thanksgiving
  20. demma_b13

    November 2019 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Trick Or Treat Posted here: