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  1. demma_b13

    Question about bevels and styles

    I am wondering if anyone has a way to create eyes that are rounded for animals such as bears? I looked for styles yesterday but the highlight was not for eyes. Does anyone know of a great style that will create an round or oval eye with a decent hightlight? I have tried to create an eye using...
  2. demma_b13

    Forum Question

    Can you tell me how to delete messages from your personal inbox now that the forum has changed? Thank you, Deanna
  3. demma_b13

    Adding Photos to Photo Album in Gallery

    I have layouts that are uploaded in the gallery that I want to put in an album. The layouts are already uploaded. I created an album to move the layouts into but I don't see an option to move layouts. Is is possible to move the layouts or do I have to re-upload every layout in order to place...
  4. demma_b13

    Uploading sharper images

    I recently had to rebuild my computer and in moving over my PSPX5 to a new hard drive I found that settings are changed and I am having difficulty when resizing and optimizing my images for upload. Can anyone give me some advice on what the best number the compression factor should be set at and...
  5. demma_b13

    Hooking a link to a word in a forum post

    Can anyone tell me exactly what the code is to Link the letters GSO in a comment post to the gallery standout post? I have tried all morning to get this to work and can't seem to figure it out.
  6. demma_b13

    How to make that realistic bump over a safety pin

    Last week I saw a link to a tutorial for making that realistic bump over a pinned safety pin. I was busy and thought I would go back to that link but I accidently deleted it and so I am posting here to see if anyone knows of a good tutorial on this. I want my paper to look like it has a real...
  7. demma_b13

    PSD Template Text Paths

    I have come across some templates PSD files that have a text path in them. Is it possible to use the path that is already established to write new text or do you have to make a new path? In other words, is this just showing that you can put text there like that or is there some way to use the...
  8. demma_b13

    Downloading zip files from your smart phone or ipad

    Have you ever wanted to download zip files but you are away from home with only your ipad or iphone and don't have wi-fi service? I found a solution this past week that worked perfectly. I downloaded dropbox to my computer at home before I left on vacation and on my ipad and phone. I didn't...
  9. demma_b13

    Gallery Standouts - May 10th - May 16th

    This one is adorable to me! Find it here:
  10. demma_b13

    Rule of Thirds

    I have a question this morning. I have seen information about using the rule of thirds in creating layouts in scrapbooking tutorials. The tutorials If you have a tic tac toe grid, you place the photo in one of the places where the lines meet up on the grid. But as I look at the galleries across...
  11. demma_b13

    Is there a setting for instant notifactions of posts on gallery images?

    I have noticed that I don't get emails to let me know that someone has posted a comment on my gallery images and would like to know if there is some setting that I have missed in order to have emails sent to me with the comments. Other shops have this feature and would like to read comments on...
  12. demma_b13

    Facebook Timeline Cover Question

    Is it okay to use personal use scrapbooking papers and elements to create a personal Facebook timeline cover? I've been seeing designers making covers and selling them, but I want to make my own, but I want to use stuff from my stash of other designers' kits to make a facebook cover. I haven't...