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  1. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - February 2020 - Sweet

    Hello, all you sweet people! I've got a sweet challenge for you this month! I hope you're smiling sweetly! More likely you are grimacing at my bad puns, but that's okay too. So I'll get sweet to the point. Um...staaaaaaaapppp! Okay, okay. Use the word 'sweet' or some variation of it in the...
  2. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - January 2020 - Chill

    In the northern hemisphere, most of us are going into the chilly season, and pulling out some warm sweaters. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, pull out some of those winter photos you didn't get scrapped in July because we were only offering you hot summer products! You can go for...
  3. Elizabeth Weaver

    A Farmhouse Hanukkah by EMC

    As always, all unique backgrounds and hand drawn elements! This kit has some interesting frames which did not display well in the sample image, so they aren't on it. (cluttered it up big time!) Thanks for looking!
  4. Elizabeth Weaver

    A Farmhouse Christmas by EMC

    As always, all unique backgrounds and hand drawn elements! The kit also has some interesting frames that are not shown in the sample image. Thanks for looking!
  5. Elizabeth Weaver

    VP #1 - December - You Are Loved

    This one has the potential to be very special. It's a quickpage, but it may make you think. This is an 8 x 10 layout. You will finish the layout and print it - and if I have my way, you'll give it to someone during this holiday season to remind them how loved they are. The background is a...
  6. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - December - Gift/Giving

    And I shall GIVE thee some free word art for thy layouts! 'Tis the season, ladies - you know what to do! Gifts, gifted, giving, 'Gave at the office' - show me something along those lines! You may use the free word art or you may come up with something else using one of those words for your page...
  7. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - November - Comfort

    Happy November! I hope it's a comfy month for you, but if not, at least I have a comforting challenge - it shouldn't get you out of your comfort zone at all. So get comfortable, wrap up in your favorite comforter, have your best comfort food handy - you know, all the creature comforts - and...
  8. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - October - Treat

    I asked my daughter for a 'one little word' word for October, and with Halloween in mind, she gave me 'TREAT'. So here we are with several ways to use the word Treat. You can of course stretch it to 'treatment', 'treated' or even 'treaty'! Show me whatcha got by linking your beautimous layouts...
  9. Elizabeth Weaver

    Around the World Challenge!

    Your PDW Design Team has been working hard to give you a trip around the world! Okay, well, something like that. We've created freebies from different countries around the world, and you can travel around to our blogs and facebook pages to collect them! Be sure and have a peek at the...
  10. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - September - Learn

    Hi there! What new things have you learned lately? I chose 'Learn' because I'm currently learning how to build a website and it's fun! But it also goes great with the start of the school year. As always post your layouts in the OLW gallery and link them in this thread so I don't miss seeing...
  11. Elizabeth Weaver

    Aug VP challenge #1: Create a Magazine Style Page! (free template)

    This is fun to do occasionally - it doesn't use any scrapping products, really, so no need to hunt through your kit stash for the perfect one. You will instead be writing an 'article'. Find some photos that have a bit of a story to them. We are NOT doing magazine covers, rather the inside scoop...
  12. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - August - Laughter

    You know that photo of that person laughing? The one you haven't scrapped yet? Or the selfie with your friends from that night you all had a great time? Yeah - that one. It's time!!! Please drop a link to your layouts in this thread so I don't miss a single one! Thanks! Use of the free word art...
  13. Elizabeth Weaver

    What Kids Eat (gross)

    New in the shop!
  14. Elizabeth Weaver

    A Farmhouse Summer

    New in the shop!
  15. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - July - Home

    Okay a lot of people will be travelling in July and that's okay; you'll return home with many more beautiful photos to scrap in most cases! But return home you will. This month we'll pay tribute to our home, or the old homestead, or where the heart is - wherever that is for you! Some also work...
  16. Elizabeth Weaver

    A Farmhouse Fourth! Patriotic farmhouse decor kit
  17. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - June - Journey

    We all have some kind of journey we're on, whether we leave the house or not! A weight loss journey, a cooking journey, an educational journey, and so forth. Of course trips are great too! Right now I'm on a journey to get an external hard drive copied over before it fails completely. I do have...
  18. Elizabeth Weaver

    NSD sale!

    Everything in my store on sale 50% off!
  19. Elizabeth Weaver

    NSD Vacation Challenge!

    Be honest with me. You haven't finished scrapping that last vacation you went on. Or maybe it's the one before that. All those gorgeous travel photos, and you got part way through the project and then moved on to something else. You KNOW you are guilty. I can see it on your face through the...
  20. Elizabeth Weaver

    Beach Sunset

    Relax by the waves with your favorite fruity drink!