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  1. flutterbychelle

    flutterbychelle 2018 tracking

    January Beginning Wrapper count: 3 Signature Challenge +1 Variety Pack #2 +1
  2. flutterbychelle

    flutterbychelle 2017 tracking

    January Beginning Wrapper count : 3 Quote Challenge- Baby It's Cold Outside+1 February Beginning Wrapper count :5 Wrapping In Color-Baby Couture +1 Camera Wrapping- Fun With Friends +1 Variety Pack Challenge- Sweet Smile Happy Love +1 Template Challenge- Sweet Lina +1 Quote Challenge- Surprise...
  3. flutterbychelle

    VP #2 April 2016

    VP#2 Aprii 16-30 Staggered Scrap Bear with me, this is my first attempt at hosting a challenge. This will be a two-staged scrap. This week, pick your choice of 4 papers to start your layout. Make a layout and post it to the gallery and here. Save your original layout on your computer. Next...
  4. flutterbychelle

    flutterbychelle 2016 tracking

    January Beginning Wrapper count : 1 One Little Word Plain & Simple +1 PDW Product Wrapping In Color Challenge A New Ornament +1 PDW Product
  5. flutterbychelle

    Tips for signature

    Can someone please give me a few tips on how to make a signature? Mostly I need to know what size to make it.
  6. flutterbychelle

    2015 tracking- flutterbychelle

    February Beginning Wrapper count : 0 Wrapping In Color Challenge - Congratulations +1 PDW Product Variety Pack Challenge My Sweet Girl +1 PDW Product Camera Wrap Challenge Close-ups, Rain & Maui +1 PDW Product Template Challenge I Choose You +1 PDW Product