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  1. neeltje

    Sept. VP 1

    I am hosting the sept VP 1 challenge. This should be an easy one `cause I just want to see your favourit style of scrapping. So no matter what your favourit style is, it`s alright. Just explain why you like to scrap in this style (does not have to be in your page, but if you do, it`s alright) I...
  2. neeltje

    VP challenge 1 April 2019

    It`s all about the eyes After a lot of PC problems and visits to the dentist for a total renovation of my teeth, I try to pick up scrapping again. For this first VP challenge of april, I`ll be your host. This time you need to focus on the eyes of the subject you want to scrap. This can be a...
  3. neeltje

    Neeltje`s 2019 challenge tracking

    Up for a new year of challenges Januari 2019 Varietypack 1 challenge 1 pnt + bonus Camera Wrapping 1 pnt + bonus...
  4. neeltje

    VP 2 December 2018

    This is the last VarietyPack challenge of 2018. And I guess everyone is busy with preparing for Christmas and the New year celebrations. No time to create a perfect scrap. Well that is what you can do for this challenge. Create a MESSED-UP page. Use a kit that doesn`t match with the theme of...
  5. neeltje

    Neeltje`s challenge tracking 2018

    Here we go, for 2018
  6. neeltje

    2017 challenge tracking Neeltje

    I am new here, so please help me out, when I do it wrong