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  1. Elizabeth Weaver

    A Conservatory Garden

    New in store - A Conservatory Garden! And some layouts done with the kit!
  2. Elizabeth Weaver

    September VP #1 - Playing With Gradients/Inspiration Image

    Good morning September! What happened to August and why was he so eager to run away? I guess the shame of being part of 2020? Alrighty then - I've been playing with this one for a while and wanted to share with you. I saw this inspiration in an advertisement - And every time I saw the...
  3. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - September - Skills

    How the heck is it time for September already??? I just need to put a big red FAIL stamp over 2020 and start fresh. As I understand it, school return this fall is varied all over our country - by state, by school district, by parent decision, and who knows what else. But the thing that won't...
  4. Elizabeth Weaver

    Back to School - 30% off Elizabeth's Market Cross Aug 29 - 31!

    Just a quick one but all my brand new stuff is included in the sale!
  5. Elizabeth Weaver

    Always Dreamy Watercolor series

    Introducing Always Dreamy - so far I have tags, papers, quickpages, and overlays.
  6. Elizabeth Weaver

    An End To Summer

    I loved working on this one, especially the backgrounds -
  7. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - August 2020 - Mystery

    Have you ever heard just the tiniest bit of a song and cant remember what it is or where you heard it? You certainly can't remember any of the words; not enough to do a lyrics search online, but it's driving you crazy that you can't identify it. It's just a mystery! And the ancestor's photo that...
  8. Elizabeth Weaver

    July Bonus VP - Bogo Challenge!

    I have a BOGO challenge for you this month! You'll still have your regularly scheduled VP July challenges; this is just a little special I wanted to throw in. I've put A Farmhouse Fourth on sale for 30% off. If you post a layout using it by July 31 and put it in this thread so I don't miss it...
  9. Elizabeth Weaver

    OLW July 2020 - Things Your Parents Said

    Okay, it's not ONE word this month - but your parents generally had the LAST word! What were some of their common phrases? One of the things my dad used to say was, "You can bet your bottom bippy". I have collected a few for you to use, but you aren't restricted to the free word art! I would...
  10. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - June 2020 - Imagination

    I think we've all been using our imaginations lately - either to dream of things we can't actually do or places we can't actually go at the moment, or to come up with ways to be productive or creative at home! This month's word is Imagine or Imagination. Use some form of 'imagine' in the title...
  11. Elizabeth Weaver

    Elizabeth's Market Cross Sale - 50% off!

    It's ON! Let's DO this!
  12. Elizabeth Weaver

    May 2020 Variety Pack #1

    No matter where you are, physically or online, over the last month you have likely come across some great inspirational quotes as we try to bond together against this invisible enemy. I think some brilliant art is going to come out of what we've felt emotionally and experienced unexpectedly. I...
  13. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - May 2020 - Morning

    I have an extra bonus for you this month, should you choose to accept the bonus part of the challenge! But on to the first order of business - Morning! I've seen more mornings lately, not because I get up early, but because - um - I don't. I really wish I could flip flop my body's clock and go...
  14. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - April 2020 - Calm

    You can use any form of the word Calm - calmer, calming, etc, and come up with your own word art or title related to it. Your layout does not have to be related to any current events. I created this set a week or two ago. The whole situation changes almost daily, though, it seems, and my...
  15. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - March 2020 - Spring

    Wow, "spring" - such a creative word choice this month! ;) I daresay you all will have difficulty using it in a layout - but please try! :) Full disclosure - I made it at the last minute! My excuse is my daughter's 18th birthday was at the end of February, plus she finished high school a few...
  16. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - February 2020 - Sweet

    Hello, all you sweet people! I've got a sweet challenge for you this month! I hope you're smiling sweetly! More likely you are grimacing at my bad puns, but that's okay too. So I'll get sweet to the point. Um...staaaaaaaapppp! Okay, okay. Use the word 'sweet' or some variation of it in the...
  17. Elizabeth Weaver

    One Little Word - January 2020 - Chill

    In the northern hemisphere, most of us are going into the chilly season, and pulling out some warm sweaters. For those of you in the southern hemisphere, pull out some of those winter photos you didn't get scrapped in July because we were only offering you hot summer products! You can go for...
  18. Elizabeth Weaver

    A Farmhouse Hanukkah by EMC

    As always, all unique backgrounds and hand drawn elements! This kit has some interesting frames which did not display well in the sample image, so they aren't on it. (cluttered it up big time!) Thanks for looking!
  19. Elizabeth Weaver

    A Farmhouse Christmas by EMC

    As always, all unique backgrounds and hand drawn elements! The kit also has some interesting frames that are not shown in the sample image. Thanks for looking!
  20. Elizabeth Weaver

    VP #1 - December - You Are Loved

    This one has the potential to be very special. It's a quickpage, but it may make you think. This is an 8 x 10 layout. You will finish the layout and print it - and if I have my way, you'll give it to someone during this holiday season to remind them how loved they are. The background is a...