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  1. LoveitScrapit

    Good Morning 9-6-19

    I didn't see a thread for today, but was stopping in since I had a few minutes after work. We got a new headquarters and moved into the new digs at my job 2 weeks ago. It is super modern and clean. And much larger. I love my new desk and it's all pretty with butterfly magnets all around. I was...
  2. LoveitScrapit

    VP Challenge #1 - Feb 1st - Feb 15th

    Welcome to February 2019's 1st VP Challenge for the month!!!!! This month we're going to dive into some design principles that create visually appealing works of art!!! We're going to talk about the visual triangle. What is that you ask? The visual triangle is a invisible connection between 3...
  3. LoveitScrapit

    Kiana's (LoveitScrapit) 2019 Tracking Thread!

    January 2019 spot Points carried over from DECEMBER: 9 *********************************************** 1.
  4. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - December 2018

    This month is all about Christmas or Winter. Show off which ever you choose in your siggy!!! I got mine all switched up a few days early so I could post this challenge. You can see it below. I used my kit, When Autumn Departs I can't wait to see your siggy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We...
  5. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - November 2018

    This month I want you to use a PAPER or a ALPHA for your name. Either clip a paper to your name after you type it with the font of your choice, or use an alpha! Easy peasy?! Okay let's go! I got mine all switched up a few days early so I could post this challenge. You can see it below. I used...
  6. LoveitScrapit

    Shadow Help

    Let's talk shadows. Are you comfortable with shadowing your elements and papers? Do you need more help? Do you just have certain questions about why, how, or when to shadow? Well let's chat. Everyone here is welcome to chime in and help out. Post tutorials that have helped them etc., If...
  7. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - October 2018

    This month we're going to get right down to business!!! It's October and we all know October means fall, pumpkins, and Halloween!! So that's what I want to see in your siggies this month. Let your siggy represent FALL - PUMPKINS or HALLOWEEN or ALL 3 :) !!! I got mine all switched up a few...
  8. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - September 2018

    Okay...can you believe this is the final frontier of 2018?! We're in the last trimester and there's no turning back now. lol Okay that was a little spooky...but seriously, WHERE THE HECK DID THE YEAR GO????!!!!!??????? This month is all about Happy Hour. I want you to use a kit/product from...
  9. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - August 2018

    This month I'm going to take it easy. The first half of the year has been crazy for me so I need a little reprieve. The ONLY challenge for your siggy this month is to add a splatter, brush, ink, glitter or spray to your siggy! I got mine all switched up a few days early so I could post this...
  10. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - July 2018

    We're officially 1/2 of the way through 2018. :eek: This month is all about HOLIDAYS! But I've got a twist. I want your siggy to represent a HOLIDAY from this LIST. You should choose any holiday listed for July and your siggy should embody the theme of what that holiday means to you! I chose...
  11. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - June 2018

    We're officially almost 1/2 of the way through 2018. :eek: This month is all about ANIMALS. I want you to use an animal in your siggy. Any animal, your favorite, one you dislike, any critter you choose. Easy peasy! I got mine all switched up a few days early so I could post this challenge. You...
  12. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - May 2018

    Happy May!!!! I cannot believe it's May already. We are almost halfway done with this year!!!! This month's siggy challenge is going to be simple. I just want to see LOTS of flowers in your Siggy this month!!!!!! I created my siggy this month using: Just Bloom by Scrappin' Serenity I can't...
  13. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - April 2018

    We're officially 1/4 of the way through 2018. :eek: This month is all about April Showers. I want to see rain or rain boots even rainbows. Puddles and frogs. What ever April Showers represents to you!!!! That's it, easy peasy!! I got mine all switched up a few days early so I could post this...
  14. LoveitScrapit

    VP Challenge #1 - Mar 1st - 15th

    Holy Moley it's March already?! This month is an easy one...I think. This month we're going to do a MASH UP challenge. What is a mash up? Well we're going to combine two of somethings to make one. Mashing them together. In our case, this month I want you to create a layout that uses 2 Kits by...
  15. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - March 2018

    We're officially in the 3rd month of 2018 already. It's my birthday month!!! Woo Hoo!!! This month I decided to give you all free range in the theme of your siggies!! The ONLY requirement is that you use this FREE Font, Bold Stylish Calligraphy which you can download HERE. That's it, feel free...
  16. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - February 2018

    We're officially in the 2nd month of 2018 already. How did that happen?! This is traditionally the month of LOVE! So let's keep the theme going BUT we're going to ADD A TWIST! I want to see your siggies all about LOVE, and the TWIST is..... NO VALENTINE KITS. You can use a kit about love...
  17. LoveitScrapit

    Kiana's (LoveitScrapit) 2018 Tracking

    Points going into 2018: 1 Points going into Feb: 5 One Little Word - 2 points (all PDW) Quote - 2 points (all PDW)
  18. LoveitScrapit

    Siggy Challenge - January 2018

    Can you believe it's 2018?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've been asking for a Siggy Challenge every month and FINALLY it's here!!!! Every month there will be a new siggy challenge to jump start your mojo. Sometimes there will be a recipe to follow, sometimes a theme, and other times who...
  19. LoveitScrapit

    Coming Soon for 2018- Siggy Challenge

    You asked and we listened. Everyone wants a monthly Siggy Challenge so stay tuned because coming in January you will get your wish!!!!! :D
  20. LoveitScrapit

    December 2017 - Happy Hour Challenge

    Attention. This has been a fun challenge but we've decided this challenge will not continue into the new year for 2018. This will be the LAST official Happy Hour Challenge. Thank you to all that have participated with us! :D ***************************************** What is Happy Hour? Happy...