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    September 17

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    Farm House by FranB Designs

    Super layouts, Ladies!
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    A Boy's Adventure!

    Thank you!
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    Good Morning 9-17-19

    Looking forward to the pirates' arrival...especially the cute ones with the dangling sabers. (Did I say that out loud?)
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    Good Morning 9-17-19

    School back in session is like the calm after a wonderful but draining party. And a relief that everyone enjoyed themselves and are in good health. Oh heck...I even feel that way when my grand puppies go home after only a few hours. :)
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    Game - Gimme the ABC's

    I -Invention Hubby (having a degree in mechanical engineering) always wanted to have the patent for an invention that he designed. He came very close once and hopes to achieve this before his time is over.
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    Game - Last letter, first letter

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    VP#2 Challenge September 2019 – LYRIC

    Chances are I will find something Wonderful Wonderful to scrap... then again...It's Not For Me To Say...:)
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    Game - Last letter, first letter

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    Game - Gimme the ABC's

    G - Ghost It's on my sister's bucket list. She swears there is one roaming in her house and she wants to see her and talk with her.
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    September 13

    I'm's not the's the "common" So... this might be the cure
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    September 2019 Quote Challenge

    Work With Your Strengths
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    Game - Gimme the ABC's

    E - Europe (take a summer and travel to all those marvelous places you only read about)
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    Game - Last letter, first letter

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    Game - Gimme the ABC's

    C- Caramel & Chocolate Ice Cream (I have a lactose problem and maybe I can sneak some ice cream without any consequences)