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    Good Morning! 02-27-2020

    I bought some discount Mardi Gras cupcakes today at Kroger. Mostly I did it for the decorations on top because I thought I could use them to decorate next year with. They are chocolate so what women could turn them down. LOL Thanks for the flair!
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    Good Morning! 02-26-2020

    My mother was the garden person it just overwhelms me. I see all the things that need to be done & know I can't afford it. So then I just get depressed.
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    Self-Love by MarieH Designs

    Thank you.
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    Feb. 2020 VP#2

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    Good Morning! 02-18-2020

    Thanks for the wordart. My exercise is my chores... ha.
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    My Person

    Thank you.
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    Good Morning! 02-17-2020

    Thank you.
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    Sweetie Pie

    Thanks so much.
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    February 2020 - VP 1

    And here is mine:
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    Feb 2020 Quote

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    Good Morning! 2-10-2020

    I like you it might be easier to buy a new computer. LOL
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    February Mood Board Challenge

    I was inspired by the wooden sign, pulse graph & hearts.