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    June 2020 Siggy Challenge

    My summer days siggy ( even though I amin the first month of my Aussie winter season). Summer- cool drinks and beautiful flowers. Using Cherry Lemonade by Southern Creek Designs.
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    June VP#1

    My title using Cream Cake font ( I had to create the ! using parts of other letters).
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    June Camera Challenge

    Wow. Well done. You nailed this challenge. Love the contrast you have created. Thanks for joining in the June CAmera Challenge.
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    June Camera Challenge

    June challenge: Our world is split at the moment; to open up our businesses so the country can thrive, or to stay closed and protect the health of our vulnerable citizens. So today is a split page. Choose a horizontal, or vertical or oblique (corner to corner) split. Scrap each side of the...
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    SANDIE03 2020 Challenge Tracking

    May Starting with 2 CAmera Challenge: Artgal Style: Ocean Mist Colour challenge: Butterflies and Blooms by FranB Designs template challenge Digi loving 3130 Siggy: using Southern Creek Designs: Bless this nest TTNRH: Southern Creek Designs: Quarantine VP1 VP2 Quote One Little...
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    May 2020 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Using Butterflies and Blooms by FranB Designs
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    Good Morning! 05-11-2020

    Australia is on level one of our plan. We only have 50 people country wide in hospital now, so we are beginning to ease up. We are so fortunate that our country's leaders closed the international and interstate borders early and banned non-essential travel and work. Fines for breaching the...
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    Good Morning! 05-12-2020

    What a beautiful photo this is...your photographer certainly rocked. Congratulations and Keep calm.
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    Good Morning! 05-13-2020

    We are 2 weeks off the start of winter and are still in thin t-shirts and pants, summer pjs and bedding. I washed all my winter clothes several weeks ago, and since then we have had only one day where I needed an extra layer in the evening... the reverse of your weather.
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    May 2020 Siggy Challenge

    Using Bless this Nest by Southern Creek Designs
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    May Digi Lovin'

    Starting May at 3130
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    May Camera Wrapping

    This is so simple and so beautiful. You created such a calming feeling. Thanks for taking part in the CAmera Challenge for May.
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    May Camera Wrapping

    I love it . You rocked the whitespace, minimal elements and 2 lines journalling. Thanks for taking part in the May CAmera Challenge.