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    Early Sales for Love it Scrap it

    My sales are early since I'm enjoying time with family.
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    $2 Tuesday - Shine On

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    Halloween Weekend Sale

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    May I get a Favor?

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    Good Morning! 10-01-2020

    I'm back! lol
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    Shine On Happy Hour

    WOWZERS!!!! This is gorgeous Tbear!
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    Shine On Collection & Elementary NEW!!!

    Another Chance to $$Save. Happy Hour is over but.... I've bundled up the collection and you've got another chance to save $ by buying the bundle if you didn't catch the Happy Hour sale last week. I've also got a cute new mini kit, Elementary based on vintage primary colors...
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    Good Morning! 09-15-2020

    Yes it will. We don't know how much yet..... UGH
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    Good Morning! 09-15-2020

    I made it all the way to the office today. I didn't want to.....but I did Then at the end of the day, our boss told us that now he's leaving to go back to the original department he was hired for last summer.
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    Good Morning! 09-14-2020

    Half day of work, about to log in for the day. Had to take my son to the neuro today.....and I'm just not in the headspace to work right now, But bills must be paid...have a good one ladies
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    Good Morning! 09-11-2020

    Been at work all day. Now to eat dinner and rest Never forget!!!!
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    Shine On Happy Hour

    Happy Hour is Here! Shine On Nothing can dim the light that shines from within - Maya Angelou One of my favorite poets and quotes. That is what inspired this collection for September's Happy Hour at Plain Digital Wrapper this month. I loved working with these colors. I didn't...
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    A Grand Re-Opening?!

    Thank you ladies!!!
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    Good Morning! 09-04-2020

    I definitely need a happy Friday ... this has been a week of Mondays for me
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    Tiny Mermaid

    So cute!