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    Favorite June 2019 PDW Product Layouts Gorgeous page by Crazsquaw
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    Good Morning!

    great new look! i`m trying to keep my eyes open, feeling too sleepy.
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    Favorite June 2019 PDW Product Layouts

    Wonderful page by Jakm
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    Favorite June 2019 Layouts

    Love the details and the clean design in this page by Mother Bear!
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    Favorite June 2019 Layouts

    wonderful art work by Oldenmeade!
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    Favorite June 2019 Layouts

    Love this beautiful, cheerful page by Bianca
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    Wedne..... Thursday 6-13-19

    I`m having the same problem and my friends are trying to convince me to have a bottox. Okay I said, it`s not big deal if children can`t understand when I`m happy, but what about when I`m angry? I`ll have to fold my forehead by hand to make a frown and show it?
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    Tuesday 6-11-19

    Last days of school here and we have one party after another, celebrations, students festivals... Lets hope that my camera will stand.
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    Tuesday 6-4-19

    You don`t have lightning rods? Here churches, big buildings and isolated houses have. Of course sometimes lightings are very strong, when they struck, like the one that fell at the lighting rod of the Acropole and it was so strong that three people was injured.
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    Monday 6-3-19

    Ι can feel you...
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    Is rhubarb a fruit?? I thought its a vegetable
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    Well lemons destroyed my teeth. I love strawberries but they are not as good as "wild strawberries". When we visited my grandma, we used to pick up tiny wild strawberries. They were amazing and sweet. I also like apples and cherries.
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    We have elections here and there is a lot of tension, especially in work!
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    Never seen before red bananas even though I have traveled to most of the places that says you can find them!
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    Favorite May 2019 Layouts

    wonderful boyish page by Glori2