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    April Template Challenge

    Toyota Highlander4Me!! 4Template Challenge: Credits: Whats The Buzz? By SCD My husband hasn\'t yet bought me a Toyota Highlander, however he\'s concidering it very seriously. We do not believe in being in debt, however under these circumatances in which my husband hopes to up his...
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    April Template Challenge

    Awesome: Thx!!
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    One Little Word- March 2017

    I'd like to participate, however would prefer to use the word: BLESSED, if it is okay??
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    March Template Challenge

    Thx 4 the template: here is mine for the challenge:
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    February 2017 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Thx so very much. I think it will compliment/go well with your digital scrap kit!!
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    February 2017 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Here are the previews to the kit(s) I made for this challenge: To see what I did with this Template, for idea sake, please see my LO in the Gallery. I used some of the masks in the below scrap kit. Yes: I always get carried away. Links given to the Moderator in charge of this challenge. You...
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    February 2017 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    I'll wrap them up (put them in a zip) file & then I'll give you the link(s).
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    February 2017 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    Maybe she had some emergency & just hasn't been able to get back with us yet?
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    February 2017 - Wrapping in Color Challenge

    I may have to see if I can give this Kit & Template I made to the members of this forum, as I've heard no reply regarding this either. I know most Color Challeges, accept Scrap Kits as freebies.
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    Digi-Scrap_Cyndi's Challenge Tracker 2017

    Thx!! I just got busy & forgot to post them. I know I did more. I'll list them next month. Again, Thx!!
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    Jan 2017: Photo masked and framed with fine line/ stroke frame.

    Here is my take: The weather in Sunsites, AZ & a masked picture with my husband & our Plott Hound Puppies playing fetch. 3 Masks total in the Template!!
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    Feb 2017 Camera Wrapping- F for February

    Old Fart My (old Fart) husband playing fetch with the puppies in the Desert. I guess that makes me an old fart, after all I'm 4 years older then he is: L.O.L. Credits: Be Positive by MHD Template by CWCreations (A.K.A.: Me)
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    February 17 - Quote Challenge! Happy Birthday!

    My Birthday, actually is in March. Don't mind doing this a month early though. I dreamed last night that I married my husband again & we got married on both our Birthdays 7 days apart.