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    2020 February Camera Wrapping Challenge

    Here's mine Gallery Link
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    Template Challenge- February 2020

    Gallery Link
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    Game - Last letter, first letter

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    Game - Gimme the ABC's

    M - make those steps count!
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    Game - Quick Wits

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    February 7

    I am being...I don't know what, maybe lazy? Lol!
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    Game - Quick Wits

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    Game - Last letter, first letter

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    Game - Gimme the ABC's

    K - keep on trying to lose those last 10 pounds!
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    Good Morning! 2-6-2020

    It's very windy here today but thankfully the rain has moved on! We have been blessed with a pretty easy winter so far. That's what is nice about living in South Carolina!
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    February 2020 Siggy Challenge

    Hi there, Betsyfru here, a few days late with your February Siggy Challenge. Sorry about that, don't know where the days went! So, February is typically thought of as the month of LOVE, and ♥HEARTS♥ signify LOVE, so I want you to use lots of HEARTS in your siggy this month, at least 5! I used...
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    Good Morning! 2-3-2020

    I watched it and was happy with the result, even if my Ravens weren't there. I did not care for the half time show, but I did like the commercials!
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    Favorite January 2020 Layouts

    I also love this one by Oldenmeade, called A Love Affair With Life. I really like the composition of the layout and the B&W photo with the kit. Gallery Link
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    Favorite January 2020 Layouts

    This one made me smile - I love kitty layouts, and this one is so cute - sherlock by weaselwatchr. Gallery Link
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    Favorite January 2020 PDW Product Layouts

    This one from @SassyCassie , Zodiac Doughnuts & Ice Cream, is just a fabulous representation of what one can do with products from Elizabeth's Market Cross! Gallery Link